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News Letter
Upcoming Events
Monthly Meeting- July 6th @ 7PM
Cruise In- July 16th
All-American Summerfest- July 24th 10am to 3pm
Cruise in- August 20th
1st Annual Car Show- August 21st
Reccuring Events:
BINGO will resume on Thursday June 3rd! We need volunteers!
Every Friday from 6pm-9pm
Hosted by Gerry Davis
Come stop by to spend time and have a drink with your fellow legionnaires!
Message From the Commander
To all members of The American Legion Post 320, thank you. I am honored to be your Commander and to lead our Post.
I am grateful for the hard work or previous Commanders to establish our Post as an essential Veterans Organization in the county, and I will continue with that work to remain relevant and become a resource for all Spotsylvania County Veterans and their families. As Veterans we have an opportunity to continue our service by coming to the aid of fellow Veterans, both retired and active duty, by caring for the families of our Veterans, and by contributing to our community in the ways of volunteering, servicing, and donating.
As I begin my Commander’s tour for Post 320, I want to briefly share with you my Commander’s Intent supporting my vision for the Post’s continued recovery from the COVID Pandemic affects. My vision is for Post 320 to become relevant again to the Spotsylvania Communities, and to do that I intend to focus on three key areas:
1. The Legion Family
2. The Post Home
3. Outreach to Our Local Communities
Additionally, I will meet with every member of the Post by hosting Commander’s Hours once or twice each month.
Beginning on the first and last Monday of each month, except holidays, I will open the Club Room from 1830-2030 to meet with any and all members of the Post who want to discuss challenges, issues, needs, and concerns (CINCs) with the Post. I will ask our House Manager to advertise Commander’s Hours for each night on our sign in front of the Post as a reminder. My first Commander’s Hours will be Monday, 12 July 2021 from 1830-2030.
If you would like to know more about how I am going to implement and achieve the goals associated with this guidance, please plan to attend our monthly membership meetings. If you have not attended in a while, I remind you that we meet each first Tuesday of the month beginning at 1900 with Organization updates and social time followed by the Post meeting at 1930. Please bring a member with you or bring a new member.
For the members reading this message who have not been to the Post recently for one reason or another, please consider coming back to the Post to learn of the changes coming and how to be part of those changes. Share the word with members and non-members that American Legion Post 320 is active and serving once more.
It is my pleasure to share news from one of our boys selected and sponsored by Post 320 at Boys State 2021. We
received word from Rich and Liza Roos that their son, Sean Roos, is doing well and leading by example. Not only is Sean
engaged in playing the trumpet, he was selected to serve as a member of the Supreme Court Justices. We continue to
wish Sean well, and look forward to hearing back from him about his experience and success during this year’s Boys
State. Well done, Sean!
Sean, right playing trumpet
Sean on stage, far right
Sean in grey mask as one of the Supreme Court Justices
For the Good of the Legion,
George Joseph Nemes, Jr.
Commander, Post 320
Spotsylvania, VA
(540) 408-2999
American Legion Riders
From the Riders Director
The days are hot, the days are longer, and the days invite us out to enjoy more of what we all enjoy so much. The Riders
from 320 are out in force to support Post 320 activities as well as other Chapters. I am privileged to serve as the Riders
Director for another year and welcome the newly elected officers for our next year of riding the highways and bi-ways of
Virginia and boarding states roads. We always welcome any and all Veterans, Sons, and Auxiliary Members who also
what to share the thrill, the experience, and the comradery during our rides and events. Please contact any of the
Chapter 320 officers with questions or for more information.
320 Riders Lack of ‘Cents’ Challenge
On April 1 (no foolin’) we kicked off our First Annual “320 Riders Lack of ‘Cents’ Challenge” where we have “Miles to go
and no ‘cents’ to get there.” This fundraiser continues until September 30, 2021.
Please see any of the Chapter 320 Riders Members or Officers for more information or to sponsor or donate to our
cause. For anyone who wants to contribute directly to our GoFundMe Page please use the following link:
During this year’s challenge the 320 Legion Riders will be collecting donations and contributions during the prime spring and summer riding months. For the miles we ride between April 1 and September 30, we hope to raise the funds necessary to continue our mission of supporting local charities and Veterans. Our goal is to ride 10,000 miles as a group and $5000 or more during this time and raise funds as part of our effort in the form of flat donations or sponsorship by the mile for individual riders throughout this year’s event. We want to generate enough in the way of financial assistance that we will not have to decline charities or Veterans in need. Our goal is to keep local funds local and help our community recover. We unconditionally support the vision of The American Legion: Veterans
Strengthening America.”
Activities and Events
If you have been to recent Post activities and events, you’ve probably seen us around lately. Our Riders have made it a
point to help out in all of the activities such as Bingo, the Cruise-Ins, and several Auxiliary activities. We will continue to
support the Legion in all activities and events, feel free to stop us and ask us for information in becoming a Rider, just
tap the vest.
Keep your eyes and ears open for a Bike Show in October!
We intend to include bikes of all kinds, not just the classics.
07 August ’21 Motorcycle Ride Fund Raiser in support of Chapter 120 (Disputanta, VA)
TBD August ’21 Nokesville Tank Farm Ride
12 September ’21 Some Gave All
TBD December ’21 Spotsylvania Christmas Parade
TBD December ’21 MICA Ministries Ride
TBD Aviation Museum Ride
22 April ’22 Blessing of the Bikes
Please contact us if you’re interested in membership, have additional questions, or would like to ride as a guest participant in one of our future rides. Remember, Active-duty Service Members and Veterans interested in becoming a Legionnaire and a member of the Chapter 320 Legion Riders, please contact me using the information below.
Joe Nemes
Riders Director
American Legion Post 320
Chapter 320 Legion Riders
PO Box 51
Spotsylvania, VA
Sons of the American Legion
The Cruise- Ins are a success so far! We are gearing up for the Car Show in August and looking for SPONSORS. If you want a copy of the flyer/registration form, i can send you an email or you can pick up some physical copies at the monthly meeting. Volunteers are welcome for the car show as well.
Thank you for making me your Commander once again. Lets boost up our active members this year!
If you have any questions or ideas, contact me at 540-841-4912 or
Tyler Ferguson
Sons Commander
American Legion Auxiliary
Its a pleasure to be the President once again. I have plans for this new year that will assist the Post and our Unit on getting back into the community. With our upcoming All-American Summerfest happening later this month, we will be able to educate the community on what we do and why we are here. We can spread awareness for the Legion and for America in general while simultaneously delivering a fun, water filled day for the kids! We need VOLUNTEERS so please reach out to me if you are interested in helping with our game stations.
For any questions, contact me at 540-841-4913 or
Jenny Ferguson
Auxiliary President
A Word from our Honor Guard
This past month has been a quiet one for the Post Guard. We conducted our Post Flag Retirement ceremony on 12 June with the assistance of our Post Scout Troop. Our next scheduled event is the presentation of the Colors at the Antique Car Show on Saturday, 11 September.  
If any Post members desires to join the Guard, please see me at the monthly meeting and/or contact me via email at the following: 
Bruce Mogensen
Captain, Post 320 Honor/Color Guard
Chaplain's Corner
Hello Post 320 my name is Daniel Wheeler, your chaplain, and I am very happy to your chaplain. I need your help to get started! To help, my number is 540-220-6613
thank you.
Boy Scouts Troop 320
The boy scouts have been very active this past month, including events like the Day Camp and the Flag Retirement Ceremony.
At the Day Camp, American Legion Member Roy Murphy helps the kids learn how to fish. Way to go, Murph!
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