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Upcoming Events
Monthly Meeting- September 7 @ 7pm
Cruise in- September 17th
Post Fall Festival/Yard Sale- October 2nd
Bike Show- October 23rd
Reccuring Events:
Contact Lew Skerry for details 540-907-1966
Every Friday from 6pm-9pm
Hosted by Jerry Davis
Come stop by to spend time and have a drink with your fellow legionnaires!
Message From the Commander

Greetings Legionnaires.

I write the opening to this month’s message with a heavy heart.  During the past month we witnessed the withdrawal of our brave Servicemen and Servicewomen from Afghanistan, and before we could safely and completely extract our forces, we experienced a brutal and cowardly attack by terrorist forces we combatted during the past 20-years.  Eleven Marines, one Navy corpsman, and one Army soldier paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend one another, helpless refugees, and our Nation.  We must console one another and reassure everyone who ever served in Afghanistan that their service was not in vain.  Our National Commander, Bill Oxford, recently wrote, “The fall of Afghanistan in no way denigrates the honorable service of the men and women who served, bled, and died there.”  We must carry this message to all of our proud Servicemen and Servicewomen who returned and now question their efforts to defend a free Afghanistan.  Let us be there for our Post family and for them.


As the summer of 2021 comes to an end, I anticipate the many activities both in the Post and in the community that are returning.  Though we are still coping with the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we continue to fill our calendar with hall rentals, holidays, and celebrations.  I am especially looking forward to our Post 75th Anniversary on November 13.  Our Committee 75 members are making great progress in the planning and preparations for this historic event.  I encourage you to come out to the Post during our monthly meetings or during any of our other open activities to learn more.  We have many opportunities for you to volunteer and to become involved as active members of the Post.

Volunteering and Support
As I mentioned, there are more and more events and activities occurring at the Post, and we welcome anyone who wants to be involved and volunteer to support.  I understand that we are each busy with work and our own schedules, but please consider spending some time at your Post.  We continue to host Bingo each Thursday and to open the kitchen for the Bingo participants, but we cannot continue to grow and enjoy the benefits from Bingo without reliable volunteers to help.  Our 3rd Vice Commander opens our Canteen each and every Friday evening for all members and member guests.  We also have a number of hall rental events that require members to serve as “hall monitors,” and best of all hall monitors get paid.  I ask each of you look at your own schedules and see where you may spare even a few short hours a month to support any of our calendar events and Bingo.  Feel free to contact the event coordinator directly, me, or just appear and ask, “How can I help?”
Hall Monitors: Volunteer AND Get Paid
What more can I say about being a hall monitor that I have not already stated?  Volunteers who watch the Post during our rental events get paid.  The rentals are a great benefit to the community, serve as a source of revenue to the Post, and promote just one benefit of having an American Legion Post in the community.  Did I mention that hall monitors get paid to sit at the Post during rental events?
Membership recruitment and retention are points of renewed emphasis for the American Legion from both Department and National levels this year.  As a Post, we are now able to renew, transfer, and sign-up new members.  I, the 1st Vice Commander, and the Adjutant continue to work within the new online system and refine our own process for accepting and processing types of memberships.  The 1st Vice Commander started mailing out new membership cards for 2022, so look for yours if you mailed in your dues or renewed online.  If you have questions, please  contact me or the 1st Vice Commander.
Committee 75
The Post’s 75th Anniversary Event Committee continues to meet and plan the details for our 75th Anniversary.  We will celebrate on November 13, 2021.  If you want to learn more about this great event, come out to the Post and talk with any of the Post Officers.  Please ask how you can become involved and what you can do to help assure the success of this event.  As I mentioned, I am anticipating this event and the associated activities as we celebrate 75-years as an American Legion Post.
Commander’s Hours
I continue to hold Commander’s Hours each on the first and last Monday of the month.  Members continue to share ideas with me, and I welcome member who has not yet come out to talk with me.  If you want change to happen; if you have an idea for the Post; if you have something that you would prefer to discuss with only me, then make plans to come out and talk to me. Except for holidays, I will open the Club Room from 1830-2030 in the evening.  My invitation stands to any Legionnaire wanting to meet with me to discuss challenges, issues, needs, and concerns (CINCs).
My next Commander’s Hours will be Monday, September 13 from 1830-2030.
Post 320 Family Losses

I am once more saddened to report that our Post 320 Family suffered recent losses.  I was honored to attend Family Hours and the Memorial Services for:

Delton “Bud” Jasper Anglin (USA)                             {Quantico Cemetery Service on September 8 at 1300}

Please keep Bud’s family in your thoughts and prayers and reach out to them in their hours of need.
Closing Remarks

Finally, I remind you that we meet each first Tuesday of the month beginning at 1900 with Organization updates and social time followed by the Post meeting at 1930.  Please bring a member with you or bring a new member.

For the members reading this message who have not been to the Post recently for one reason or another, please consider coming back to the Post to learn of the changes coming and how to be part of those changes.  Share the word with members and non-members that American Legion Post 320 is active and serving once more.
For the Good of the Legion,
George Joseph Nemes, Jr.
Commander, Post 320
Spotsylvania, VA
(540) 408-2999
American Legion Riders
From the Riders Director

I referred to the “dog days of summer” in my last monthly message, and little did I know how hot the month of August would be to challenge us during our many rides throughout the month.  Even the air flowing past as we rode felt warm and wasn’t as refreshing as we liked.  However, as summer closes, we can expect cooler weather to encourage us out for more rides and support to other Chapters or community events. Our calendar continues to fill with requests to participate in ride tributes, or honors to Veterans, or fundraising poker runs, and we appear to be as busy as we believe.  We concluded the month with a multi-Chapter ride with Chapter 148 of the Colonial Beach American Legion Post.  Though it was hot with temperatures in the high 90s, we enjoyed demonstrating our unique and safe Drop System to unfamiliar riders followed by the spoils of a great lunch in Ruckersville at the Two Brothers Southwestern Grill.  As we transition from summer to fall, please continue to ride often, ride safely, represent the Post, and report those numbers. 

Remember, we always welcome any and all Veterans, Sons, and Auxiliary Members who also what to share the thrill, the experience, and the comradery of being a Rider of the American Legion.  Please contact any of the Chapter 320 officers with questions or for more information.

320 Riders Lack of ‘Cents’ Challenge
We enter our final month of our summer long fundraiser, so continue to seek out sponsors or donations to our First Annual “320 Riders Lack of ‘Cents’ Challenge” where we have “Miles to go and no ‘cents’ to get there.”  We will wrap-up this fundraiser September 30, 2021.
Please see any of the Chapter 320 Riders Members or Officers for more information or to sponsor or donate to our
cause. For anyone who wants to contribute directly to our GoFundMe Page please use the following link:
Our goal is to ride 10,000 miles as a group and $5000 or more during this time and raise funds as part of our effort in
the form of flat donations or sponsorship by the mile for individual riders throughout this year’s event. We want to
generate enough in the way of financial assistance that we will not have to decline charities or Veterans in need. Our
goal is to keep local funds local and help our community recover. We unconditionally support the vision of "The
American Legion: Veterans Strengthening America.”
Activities and Events
I want to thank each of the Riders who have made it a point to help out in all of the Post activities such as Bingo, the Cruise-Ins, and other Auxiliary activities.  Please continue to volunteer and help where you are able.  We will continue to support the Legion in all activities and events, feel free to stop us and ask us for information in becoming a Rider, just tap the vest..
Keep your eyes and ears open for a Bike Show in October!
We intend to include bikes of all kinds, not just the classics.

                18 August – September                 Honor Flight Mission Escort Events (Several Scheduled)

              04 September ‘21                         NOVA Veterans Association Bikes Beer BBQ & Bands

                                                                  1300-1700 Tucked Away Brewing Co 8420 Kao Cir, Manassas

              04 September ’21                         Sons of Blackwater Military MC Poker Run

                                                                   0900 (KSU 1000) 141 Fleming Street, Fredericksburg

              12 September ’21                        Some Gave All

    18 September ’21                         Tuckahoe MC End of Summer Bash1600-???? 960 Bragg Rd, Fredericksburg

              18 September ’21                         EOD MC COVID-19 Do-Over Spaghetti Dinner

                                                                  1500-1900 Post 148 Colonial Beach

               22-25 September ’21                   Mid Atlantic Police Rodeo

                                                                   0600-1400 Tysons Corner II Fairfax

               25 & 26 September ‘21                 Nokesville Tank Farm Ride

               1-3 October ’21                             American Legion Riders Virginia Rally

               16 October ’21                             Grey Ghost Chapter of the Nam Knights MC 13th Annual Poker Run

                                                                   0900 start at Post 28 17934 Liming Lane, Triangle,

                23 October ’21                            Post 320 Chapter Bike Show

                TBD December ’21                     Spotsylvania Christmas Parade

                TBD December ’21                     MICA Ministries Ride

                TBD                                            Aviation Museum Ride

                22 April ’22                                 Blessing of the Bikes

Please contact any Legion Rider if you’re interested in membership, have additional questions, or would like to ride as a
guest participant in one of our future rides. Remember, Active-duty Service Members and Veterans interested in
becoming a Legionnaire and a member of the Chapter 320 Legion Riders, please contact me using the information
Joe Nemes
Riders Director
American Legion Post 320
Chapter 320 Legion Riders
PO Box 51
Spotsylvania, VA
Sons of the American Legion
Volunteers are always needed so please feel free to join in on all activities.
If you have any questions or ideas, contact me at 540-841-4912 or
Tyler Ferguson
Sons Commander
American Legion Auxiliary
Next up is the Post 320 Fall Festival in October. Volunteers are always needed!!
For any questions, contact me at 540-841-4913 or
Jenny Ferguson
Auxiliary President
A Word from our Honor Guard
Our next scheduled event is the presentation of the Colors at the Antique Car Show on Saturday, 11 September.  
If any Post members desires to join the Guard, please see me at the monthly meeting and/or contact me via email at the following: 
Bruce Mogensen
Captain, Post 320 Honor/Color Guard
Chaplain's Corner
To post 320,
I would like to start a bible study at the post. I need to know who would come, what day of the week, time 9 or 10 am
Call me 540 220 6613
Thank you!
Chaplain Wheeler
Boy Scouts Troop 320
The Scouts have been very quiet this month, they came out to assist wit hthe All-American Summerfest. Although not a good turnout, the scouts had fun and were very helpful.
Military Holidays and Observances
September Military Events