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06 Feb 2024 American Legion Meeting:  At 7:00 PM, we will have a guest speaker followed by general meetings at 7:30 PM.


Post 320 Membership is 101%:  Post 320 is still earning membership awards and we have 329 members and reached 101% of our goal of 323 members. 


Post 320 Membership Awards:  Cardinal Award, Jefferson Award, Jamestown Award, Veteran’s Day Award, Dogwood Award, Yorktown Award.


Squadron 320 reached 200% of their membership goal!


2024 Multi-Year Membership:  Starting on Monday, January 22, those members who renewed their membership for 2024 prior to December 4, 2023, they will now be able to take advantage of the multi-year membership option.  To do so, these members would just need to go to and they will be able to renew for multiple years.


Members that have not paid their 2024 dues:  “Members who paid for 2023 were paid through the end of December.  If not renewed for 2024 they have a 30-day grace period to renew to keep their membership in good standing.  Only members in good standing may hold a Post office, vote on matters, use social quarters, etc per your Post bylaws.”


Members who are expired stay on your rolls for two years in expired status - through Dec 2025 - unless deceased- before they are dropped.  Anytime during this two years they can rejoin and pay dues and it will keep their continuous years intact.”


Questions regarding memberships?

Contact David Bennett at or Mike Downing @


Spotsylvania Post 320 website:  Janel Perkins that serves on our Executive Committee is updating our website!  The site contains information on upcoming events, Post contact information and more.  We are working to update other media sites to reach our members and the community.


Women Veterans:

Loretta Gulley, Janel Perkins, and McKenzie Goldberg are developing a plan for the Post to support women veterans.  Loretta briefed the Executive Committee January meeting and will brief the membership at the 06 Feb meeting on the path forward to supporting women veterans.  



Legislative:  Day on the Hill 16 Jan 2024


Steve meets with Delegate Phillip Scott.  Post 320 Squadron Commander, Tim Fincher attends the Day on the Hill on behalf of the Squadron.

Boys State:

Steve Robinson is the POC for Boys State @  Steve has16 nominees for Boys State interviews on Saturday, February 10, 2024 beginning at 1 PM.  Due to the "snow days" we are still waiting on three more schools.  Steve needs some 6-8 more volunteers to help with the interviews.  Tim Fincher, the Squadron Commander volunteered and we could use others to help speed up the process.



The plan is to divide the boys into groups based on how many interviewers we have available.  Each group will rank the boys based on their individual interviews.


Girls State:


Robin Donato is the POC for Girls State @  Invitations were sent and interviews will be scheduled in March.  


Chaplain’s Corner:

Since being appointed as Chaplain by our dear Commander David I have been blessed exceedingly by the love, and brotherhood of all the members of Post 320. In addition to this, I have had the opportunity to serve all of the members of our Post both past, and present in my prayers. In addition to this, the Brotherhood of St. Demetrios Monastery has been praying for you all, and Father Alexei (a member of the Auxiliary) along with myself had the great blessing to do hospital ministry for Commander David last month. 

He was anointed with Holy Oil from the Church where the Tunic of Jesus is located (Mtskheta, Nation of Georgia) along with Holy Myrrh that came from a miraculous icon that streams myrrh. His recovery has been beyond our expectations by the great grace of God, and I am exceedingly happy to see him involved in Post activities again! I was very happy to also be involved in the Christmas gift giveaway for the local community, and look forward to doing again this much needed outreach to the impoverished members of Spotsylvania. On December 25 as well, I was able to bring hot coffee, and food to a Marine friend of mine (Sergeant Seraphim) on duty at Quantico, which was much appreciated by him as all of the base facilities were closed.

Recently, the monastery had its Christmas and Theophany celebrations that brought great joy to all of those who came. On Theophany, that is, the Day of the Lord's Baptism, every year a great miracle is performed. The Holy Spirit, coming down upon the water, changes its natural properties. It becomes incorrupt, that is it does not spoil, remains transparent and fresh for many years, receives the grace to heal illnesses, to drive away demons and every evil power, to preserve people and their dwellings from every danger, to sanctify various objects whether for church or home use.

For our local community, we did our annual outdoor blessing of the waters at a tributary to the Ni River and now all of the waters in our community are sanctified. For those wishing to have Holy Water I will provide bottles for those wanting it at our Post in the front entrance, and feel free to contact me if you would like to have your home blessed.


Sadly, for myself my ability to participate in Post activities has been hindered by my three (unexpected) surgeries on my foot at the end of December, and only in the past two weeks have I been able to walk again. Forgive me for the inconveniences this caused for those who needed support from a Chaplain.

Lastly, a member from my Church has deployed to the Gulf of Aden (near Yemen) on the Dwight D. Eisenhower Aircraft Carrier, and has asked for letters to be sent to him to help boost his morale especially in such a dangerous assignment. It would be wonderful if the members of our Post send a letter or two to him to help support him during this difficult time!


 Aon Shuttleworth, Eric

Dwight D. Eisenhower CVN69

Unit 100236 Box 7130

FPO AE 09532                                                   




May God bless you all in this New Year!


In Christ,

Chaplain David

Chaplain David is available @






08 Feb 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM.  The Virginia General Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs Caucus:  13th Annual Military Appreciation Night.  Virginia War Memorial, 621 Belvedere Street, Richmond, VA 23220.  Service uniform or business attire.  RSVP to


08 Feb at Bingo:  The Auxiliary Unit 320 will have a Bake Sale!

  • Canteen is open every Friday night 6:00-9:00 PM.  Check the Spotsylvania Post 320 website for new times that will extend the operating hours.
  • Bingo every Thursday night 


Upcoming Events:

Feb:  Black history month

TBD:  Women veterans town hall

April:  Open house on All Family Day with a tentative outdoor concert

May:  Mother’s Day brunch & bingo


Need Assistance?  Post members that need assistance with food or other needs can discreetly reach out to the Post for assistance by calling 540-548-8069 and leaving a message or contact our leadership via


Auxiliary:  The Auxiliary is supporting the troops overseas by collecting coupons that can be used at the commissaries.  These coupons can be up to three months expired.  An Auxiliary coupon box will be located in the main hall.  


Service Officer:  Service Officer, Roy Murphy can be contacted at 540-845-9490 by phone or text.  Roy can assist with VA benefits questions.





David R. Bennett


American Legion Post 320

Spotsylvania, VA



Post Voicemail: (540) 548-8069